Database Recruitment

Database Recruitment is designed for clients that are recruiting staff and require a shortlist of candidates within a 5 working day period from the point of the client’s authorization. After consultations with our clients, PRTR provides candidates suitably selected from its bank of screened professional personnel for permanent employment. In addition to their initiative, personality and job suitability, a native speaker of English tests each candidate for his or her English language abilities. Consideration is given to all aspects of personnel employment as well as compatibility with our customer’s environment, specific cultural demands and desired 'image' in addition to any other specific requirements voiced.

PRTR provides consultancy and personnel for all recruitment sectors - be it executive, technical, sales & marketing, accounting or administration. A fee only becomes payable when a candidate PRTR has introduced commences work for the client and, with a 3 month guarantee, the client can feel safe in the knowledge that they have made the right decision.