PC / Sales Team Management

PRTRMASSRECRUIT.COM’s PC /Sales Team Management Service directly addresses the need of our customers to add an increasing level of value to their outsourcing, specifically by combining the outsourcing of the sales performance management and recruitment with the HR project management of large and ongoing sales forces. This allows our customers to create additional sales channels that can provide an exclusive sales channel or a competitive sales channel to their existing in-house sales force. PRTRMASSRECRUIT.COM will agree sales targets for a particular product or service group and then take the entire or partial responsibility, depending on the demand of the customer. The products and services represented by PRTRMASSRECRUIT to date include financial products and services, cosmetic products, health services and technology products.

This service is part of PRTR’s broader strategy aimed at developing long term sustainable relationships with our customers by positioning PRTR as a primary responsibility taker within our customer’s business.